BTE Groep
30 april 2024

Pilot Projects



Developments are in full swing. Recently, we have invested heavily in Invie; the new technology of an alternative binder based on residual and waste streams from various industries. With Invie, we are laying the foundation for an alternative with a significantly lower environmental impact. We are supported in the development by a grant from the 'LIFE Programme of the European Union'.

Part of the development programme is testing the alternative binder in various concrete products. The following pilot projects have now taken place:

  • Levvelblocs for the Afsluitdijk, testing ground for sustainable shoreline protection
  • Sleepers for ProRail
  • Pavement in the municipality of Ede
  • Sewer pipes for project in municipality of Nijmegen
  • Culvert element
  • Bicycle path slabs for project in municipality of Leiderdorp
  • Platform walls for ProRail
  • Hollow core floors with VBI
  • Test at Lodewikus of various concrete mixtures with Invie for ZVB

The experiences from these pilot projects will be included in the further development of the product and applied in upcoming trials:

  • Retaining walls with Invie for Heijmans project near Apeldoorn
  • Stelcon concrete slabs with Invie at De Meteoor
  • Test railway project with sleepers with Invie for ProRail