BTE Groep
20 January 2017

Entire BTE Groep transfers to European wind energy

From January 2017 onwards, BTE has a new power and gas supplier called NieuweStroom. Because BTE feels involved in themes like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability and CO² reduction, a decision was made to buy Green Power for the entire BTE Groep in the form of European Wind Energy.

Green Power
Green power is electricity that is generated by the sun, wind, water or biomass. As such, green power comes from sustainable sources that do not tax the environment or are less of a burden on it. All green power sources, such as European Wind Energy, have certificates that prove that they produce green power, called the Guarantees of Origin.

CO² Footprint
For all BTE companies, BTE makes the CO² emission transparent. This emission is recorded in a CO² Footprint per production location. By using European Wind Energy as green power, the CO² Footprint of the BTE companies improves. After all, there is CO² emission for generating this energy. This results in an emission reduction of a few thousand tons of CO².