BTE Groep
8 November 2016

Audits at BTE company De Hamer

BTE company De Hamer is systems-certified for the CO2 performance ladder (knowing and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission) and ISO 14001 (environment management system) certified. In order to keep these certifications, annual audits (inspections) are performed by KIWA to check whether De Hamer still meets the conditions for these certifications.

Audits at all De Hamer branches
These audits were performed by KIWA at the end of June at De Hamer in Nijmegen, Waspik and Heumen. These inspections consisted of investigating the processes in the organisation. The emphasis for this lies on the environmental performance: how does De Hamer deal with this and what does De Hamer do to improve it. Various employees of both De Hamer and BTE's QHSE department have been interviewed by KIWA. The results of the audits have been recorded in a report. The audits were successful; both certifications have been extended by a year.

KIWA's reaction to the audit
KIWA experienced the audits positively; it was clear to the auditor that CO2 reduction and environmental aspects are not just a part of the QHSE department, but are widely present within the organisation with both the management and the people on the workfloor. KIWA also mentioned the 'positive and open way of reception and guidance'.