BTE Groep

Continuously guaranteeing and improving safety

We want to offer our employees an enjoyable, challenging and safe working environment. We do our best to continuously ensure and improve safety within our companies. The prevention of injury and damage to the health of our employees and that of our partners is obviously at the heart of this.

Safety is therefore closely monitored at every BTE location. Each branch has a health, safety and environment committee. This committee discusses all kinds of safety, health and environmental issues. The QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) department carries out internal safety audits. In addition, Risk Inventories and Evaluations (RI&E) are carried out to promote the health and safety of employees. This means we can see all the risks and manage them. Despite our efforts, there is always a small risk of accidents. To cope with this, we have a well-equipped in-house emergency response team of around 100 qualified and committed emergency response officers.

Safety goes beyond preventing accidents and identifying risks. Safety is also about feeling safe in your workplace, about respect. Everyone should feel valued at BTE. We achieve this by being transparent and honest and making good agreements with each other. We can be critical of each other, but always in a respectful manner.