BTE Groep

Building a better world together

We are the BTE Group: an ambitious and healthy company in which specialised brands come together: ASCEM, Romein, Kemper, De Hamer, Lodewikus, De Meteoor, Steenhuis, Hercules and Vebo Beton & Staal. We focus on our individual specialisms and sustainability, knowledge, people and innovation. Being critical of ourselves and the things we do is what characterises us. But above all we are proud; proud of our brands, our employees and the role we have in the industry as BTE.

The BTE Group and its brands are active in every conceivable market within the construction industry. This goes beyond residential, commercial and civil construction. We are active from site development to foundation engineering, from rail industry to sewerage and paving. Our companies combine their strengths. By using each other's specialist knowledge and production facilities, we always have a suitable solution for every issue. That is what we call the power of combination.

In addition to the power of combination, our companies share a number of important motives: Strengthen, Renew, Trust and Connect. Knowledge is the engine of our organisation. Our modern production facilities keep us sharp and alert. We trust in entrepreneurship, safety and sustainability. And we derive strength and enjoyment from our clients and common interest. Together we are building a company to be proud of!

Afbeelding 4V

BTE for a sustainable future

We believe in a sustainable future in which concrete will further develop and prove to be a qualitatively reliable and durable building material. In addition to how concrete performs, its environmental friendliness is an increasingly important property. After water, concrete is the most commonly used material. Not only do we want to reduce the substantial contribution to CO2 emissions that this entails but we will reduce it. Together, we are building a sustainable world.