BTE Groep
23 January 2017

Vebo license holder of BALQOON®

Vebo Beton became a license holder of BALQOON®, the innovative prefab balcony and gallery system. BALQOON® resulted from the vision that prefabrication will be increasingly necessary in the construction industry.

What is BALQOON®?
BALQOON® is a system of overhanging balcony and/or gallery constructions from prefab concrete. BALQOON® offers the option of assembling a balcony or gallery construction at any time during the construction process, even up to right before the building's completion. This not only makes it suitable for new build constructions, but also for renovation projects, such as building refurbishments from offices to residences. Moreover, BALQOON® is an average of 45% lighter than a traditional balcony and gallery panel system and has no threshold. This reduction in weight results in a significant reduction in resource consumption. BALQOON® is a patented and fully KOMO-certified system and meets the latest standards and requirements of the Buildings Decree and the Euro Code. BALQOON® is available in four types: BALQOON® BASE, BALQOON® FIXED, BALQOON® CONNECT and BALQOON® RENO