BTE Groep
8 November 2016

From light rail beam to 'Pike- mouth’

BTE companies Vebo Staal and De Meteoor are working together on a derailing construction for trains.

The knowledge and expertise of BTE company De Meteoor in terms of rail infrastructural issues for the heavy rail and light rail projects combined with the knowledge and expertise of BTE company Vebo Staal and its co-producers eventually resulted in a guidance rail construction that is installed on the sleepers. The name of this construction is the so called 'Pike mouth’ and it ensures that trains no longer derail and stay on the tracks.

This construction was first thought of in 2015, when BAM Infra Rail knocked on the door looking for a guidance rail construction for the Erasmus line. Currently a large number of elements have been delivered. The fact that so many different disciplines are practised within BTE and that we, as a group, have the knowledge of all these disciplines makes coming up with these types of solutions challenging.