BTE Groep
30 April 2024



PRESENTATIONS (Dissemination)

The development of Invie (a sustainable alternative for the precast concrete industry) involves informing the target group and other involved and/or interested parties. It was with great pride that we made presentations recently.

For instance, we were featured at the following meetings and symposia:

  • Dutch Leaders meeting on 14 April 2023 at Vink Bouw in Nieuwkoop
  • Elemental symposium with various participants in the LIFE+ programme on 31 May 2023 at Elemental (Blue Phoenix Group) in Rotterdam
  • BIBM conference on 28 September in Amsterdam
  • IAB Tage Beton on 16/17 November in Germany

The aim of our participation is to convey the importance and necessity of innovation in our industry. Climate issues present both challenges and opportunities for our industry! We gladly take up the challenges; we owe it to the world of tomorrow (and its inhabitants!) to keep looking for more sustainable solutions.

During our presentations, we provide information on the CO2 emissions of the various building materials in general and concrete in particular and address the resistance to alternative binders. We explain what the sustainable alternative Invie is and contrast it with standard cement and other alternative binders. Finally, we take the audience on a virtual tour of our pilot projects.