BTE Groep
30 April 2024




Within the construction industry and specifically within the concrete industry, there are major challenges in the areas of Sustainability and Circularity. ASCEM Special Technologies meets these challenges in both areas by developing a sustainable binder.

The development concerns an alternative binder (cement) based on residual and waste flows from various industries and has now been given the name Invie. The essence of Invie lies in the thermal transformation of these waste streams into a reactive glass. This glass can be processed into an alternative to regular cement and with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Three words come together in the name Invie, each saying something important in its own way. The word invincible emphasises the strength of the product and its durability. Instead of the letter 'v', one can also hear the letter 'f', thus creating the link to the word infinite. A nice reference to infinite, the great diversity of residual streams that can be used for this sustainable binder. The element 'vie' means 'life'. This refers to the sustainable character of the product and the technique.

‘a way better material for a way better world'.
That is the revolutionary technology of Invie